Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

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  1. The payment of coordination charge to JCSM, H.O. Would be made by Branch Manager JCSM, monthly along with the statement of Account certified by the Branch manger along with the full statement.
  2. The JCSM, H.O. written its right to demand any other document in this regards from the JCSM if the coordination charge payment to the JCSM, H.O. are not by JCSM, in time, the JCSM, H.O. made decided to cancel this agreement even with the period of validity. In all such matter the decision of the President of the JCSM, will be final and binding.
  3. JCSM, H.O. may also decide on some other mode and frequency of co-ordination charges payment by the branches JCSM which may be binding on all affiliated centers.
  4. Depending on the technical and managerial capability of the JCSM the JCSM, H.O. would implement its state level, projects through the JCSM. Similarly consultancy, market survey and other assignment may also be handed over to the JCSM by JCSM, H.O. based on the expertise available in the JCSM. However, in all such cases the remuneration to be paid the JCSM will be exclusively decided by the JCSM, H.O. and the allocation of work to JCSM will be exclusive right or secondary JCSM, H.O. Retains its right to change increase or decease the geographical area of operation of the JCSM or to open new branches/ centre in the area already allotted to JCSM in all such matter the decisions of the president JCSM would be final and binding.
  5. The JCSM shall run its account in the Nationalized Bank in the personal name of the Branch Manger him self/ her self opening of the illegal bank account shall immediately render the JCSM liable for cancellation of Branch Agreement. In all such matters the decisions of authorized person by JCSM would be final and binding.
  6. Franchise successor or assignees will not be entitled to take loan or create any other liabilities in the name of JCSM. He / She will take utmost care in operating the funds and in financial dealing will keep JCSM’s image clear in the government Private and financial institute of the allotted to him.
  7. The JCSM, H.O. retains the right of affection changes if any in the above clauses for better operation of JCSM organization and of JCSM, even within the period of validity of this agreement.
  8. The affiliationfees once paid by the JCSM, to the H.O. will be non refundable.
  9. JCSM Center is non transferable. If a Branch Manger decides to transfer it to some another persons / organization exclusive permission will have to be from the authorized person by JCSM and transfer fee fixed by JCSM, H.O. will have to be paid and a fresh agreement will have to be signed.
  10. The JCSM, H.O. retains the right of canceling the above agreement without any compensation to the JCSM, even within the period of validity of this agreement, if the JCSM’s operation is found not as per the clauses given in this agreement of incase of any financial irregularity by the JCSM or due to any other cause which hinder the smooth peration of JCSM and JCSM, H.O. can also transferred the candidate studying in the JCSM of the projects and works assigned to one JCSM to any other Branch / Organizations / JCSM, incase of default by the first JCSM. In all such matter the decisions of the authorized person by JCSM, will be final and binding.
  11. Incase of Government project or a University programme of DOEACC O, A, B level any other such coordinated programme , in which JCSM take parts the losses caused by the change in policy by the government of by the university of by any such sponsoring organizations, will in on way be transferred to the JCSM, H.O. and the the JCSM, H.O. will not be held responsible merely because it various forms of the university of JCSM, non-follow up of dates and schedules by the branch will be entirely the responsibility of JCSM.
  12. Liabilities created by the default of JCSM in the consumer forum of any other such body will be exclusively that of the JCSM and will not be carried forward to the JCSM, H.O. Regional office and Divisional office.
  13. This agreement is valid up to the date, it can be renewed with the mutual consent and after the payment of annual license fee of Rs. 1000/- through D.D. by the JCSM, to Jankalyan Information Development society, Vadodara.
  14. Any dispute arising out of above agreement would be settled only at the Jurisdiction of Vadodara. (Gujarat)